We bring to our customers customized end-to-end mobile solutions.

Our applications are flawless, intuitive and simply great looking. We are focused on modern solutions and develop for vast range of mobile systems like iPhone and iPad, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Mobile, Java ME and Bada. We can help you invent, design and develop any application you imagine, just ask!

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TALKING CLOCK PRO is the most technologically advanced voice time announcement application for the Android device market.

It is available in 7 languages: English, Russian, Spanish, German, French, Japanese and Polish.



Colorix is an addictive game matching 3 similar symbols, developed and designed by Mobo Studio. The game is highly appealing due to its elaborate graphics and unique game play with lots of combos.

The game was created in 3 versions: Android, Android HD and iPhone. The game has been created in 3 versions: Android, Android HD and iPhone. It is available in different screen resolutions: 320x480 (iPhone, G1) , 480x800 (Nexus One), 480x854 (Motorola Droid).

Colorix has had fantastic feedback from reviewers and players, and the users have been very complementary.

The game has been created in conjunction with the Awesome Software publisher.



Talking Clock for iPhone is quite simply a speaking clock, which can be used in everyday life.

The application announces, with a natural spoken voice, the current time in varying intervals from 1 minute to 1 hour.



The Ox&Pen iPhone and Android app supports a universal loyalty programme for local retail and consumer businesses in Chicago.

The free App offers members the opportunity to recieve information on the latest in-store offers, redeem discounts, collect loyalty points and cash them in at participating stores and restaurants.


The NESCAFÉ alarm clock is a free application which supports custom wake up melodies for the iPhone.
The user can select their favorite melody from their mp3 resource. One additional feature is to shake the device to enable snooze. The application also offers an attractive analogue clock.

The NESCAFÉ Alarm app is available on the Polish App Store:


Ignite mobile bluetooth marketing

This application was developed for advertising purposes as part of the Nike Ignite Campaign. It was a feature of bluetooth marketing and was available in a number of Malaysia's largest Nike stores.

It offered users the opportunity to browse through a list of files (movies, screensavers, wallpapers) which they can download using Bluetooth Marketing communication framework - bluAir

The application is based on the J2ME Polish framework and has been adapted for more then 20 different screen resolutions.

bluAir marketing


This BADA application guides you through tying a tie. On start up the application displays the user's favorite knot.

The application also offers the choice of many different styles of knots. Any one can be selected and is displayed on application launch. The user is early able to select from a wide range of knots.


Nike Lab bluetooth marketing

The advertisement application sent via Bluetooth marketing devices - bluAir. It contained a list of multimedia content users could choose and download.

The application was based on the J2ME Polish framework and it was available on the majority of mobile phone devices available on the market.

bluAir marketing

Trav Aware

This Blackberry application is for travelling abroad or for people working alone. The software sends the GPS position, personal details of the individual and a short note when they need critical support or in crisis situations.

The application supports most Blackberry models.

bluAir bluetooth survey

This is a useful customer survey application which gathers data from mobile users and sends it to bluetooth marketing devices - bluAir.

This application, based on the Java ME platform, runs on the majority of Java supporting devices. It has been developed into 21 different screen resolutions, varying from 96x65px up to 640x200px.

bluAir marketing

Time Tracker BADA Utility App

This application is intended for users who would like to track their working schedule. It helps users to define how much time they spend on different projects or activities.

It also allows them to evaluate the cost of different tasks.


Menstrual Calendar App for Women

This application is designed for women who wish to monitor their menstrual cycle. The Menstural Calendar is an application used to track and predict menstrual cycles and possible fertility periods.

This application can, of course, be password protected for ultimate privacy.



The application is used to check and store the results of the Polish national lottery game - Lotto. It is based on the Bada platform and server application.

The application tracks the four previous games (Lotto, MiniLotto, MultiMulti, Lucky Number) and displays the results in variety of interesting and enjoyable formats.


Bp Ultimate Car Race Game

Racing game with possiblity to play over two J2ME bluetooth devices. Two players can cheat on the same track, trying to avoid accidents with obstacles and other cars.

Game has been ported to different resolutions from 128x160 to 240x320 pixels.